Juicy Lip Combo Tips

Juicy Lip Combo Tips

You can never go wrong with a high shine clear gloss, but some days you want to spice up your look, I get it. 

Try a '90's' inspired look by pairing a medium-dark brown lip outline (using our sepia or coca lip pencil) with a high shine clear gloss (Krystal clear) and/or a lip matching pigmented nude gloss.

Going for a noticeable but subtle pink nude lip?

Try a lip outline with our “Bliss" or "Scarlett" lip pencil, and pair it with "Morgan" lip gloss.

You Bolder than Bold

Try a lip outline using our “Bodacious" lip pencil, pair with "Blood drip"lipgloss or your Favorite Red lip stick!

Fabulous Lips•From Fabulous Liz•For the Fabulous Ladies💋

That's all for now Fabulous! Tag us in your photos so we can see which Juicy Lip combo you chose, & feature you on our page!

~Quality & Love Always



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