Lip Therapy +Kit

Lip Therapy +Kit

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Self-Love STARTS with Self-Care! Don’t tell us otherwise.

Our lip Therapy kit will get your lips exfoliated, moisturized, supple & soft!

     In this kit you will receive; our 'Lush Lip Scrub' & 'The Barrier balm' as a duo. As an optional but recommended add-on, is the multipurpose exfoliator wand brush-a great asset to this kit. As well as 2 complementary disposable lip applicator.

      Directions: FULLY Saturate lips with water, scoop out a quarter sized amount onto exfoliator wand, apply to lips, GENTLY massage in circular motions...GENTLY you do not need to apply any extra force, let the scrub do all the work-be it's guide. Wipe away with a warm damp cloth & apply TBB.
                      What To Avoid; getting any water into the container, and

                                                   scrubbing with too much force.

    Tips;  Practice this routine consistently 2-3times a week before bed.

                                     A little goes a long way.

    WE encourage taking before and after pictures so YOU can see the results not just feel it!
     What are you waiting for? Add to your cart for kissable lips.
Non-tinted version of TBB is available. Kindly leave a note at check-out if you'd like a specific colour of the exfoliator wand, otherwise it is chosen at random. 

Check out our Visual Guide for the lip exfoliating process; 

Ingredients listed on product packaging.